Scrap metal purchase

TOLMETA UAB purchases ferrous scrap metal at contract price from legal entities at Klaipėda port.

Currently, we focus on providing high-quality service to companies working in Lithuania and wishing to sell their scrap metal quickly and at the best price.

In addition to competitive market price for standard scrap metal of all categories and quick payment, we offer an individual approach to each customer, helping solve issues with outsize scrap metal, transportation, loading, removal, export or processing of ferrous scrap metal.

Scrap metal collection procedure:

  1. The customers drives onto the scales, the gross weight is taken.
  2. Following the permission of the receiving person, the customer complies with his instructions: drives off the scales and proceeds to the specified unloading place.
  3. Unloading.
  4. The scrap metal is accepted together with the receiving person: determining the category, the amount of impurities.
  5. The customers drive onto the scales, the tare weight is taken.
  6. Following the permission of the receiving person, the customer drives off the scales.
  7. The receiving person hands over the data about the scrap metal collected to the administrator.
  8. The customer provides his data and bank account to the administrator.
  9. The administrator prepares a document confirming the transfer of the scrap metal, which is signed by the customer.
  10. The transfer of scrap metal is completed by the transfer or payment (up to 3 days) to the customer’s account.

The collection of scrap metal is carried out in accordance with the laws of Lithuania.

The final value of the scrap metal is subject to its amount and quality and the purchase price at the time of collection. The amount is determined using certified scales. The quality is determined by a qualified receiving person. Where necessary, special measuring tools are used in addition to visual inspection. The receiving person is also required to evaluate the degree of contamination of the scrap metal, i.e., the content of non-metallic impurities for which the payment is not due. Waste left after unloading the scrap metal is not considered litter.

Klaipėda Port scrap metal collection point opening hours:

Monday: 08–17.00
Tuesday: 08–17.00
Wednesday: 08–17.00
Thursday: 08–17.00
Friday: 08–16.00

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Scrap metal categories