Our achievements

Founded in 1999, TOLMETS is now holding a leading position in scrap metal recycling business. Company turnover has multiplied a thousand-fold for the last decade due to efficient management, smart investment and the use modern technology. Company achievements have been marked by a leading Latvian business newspaper ‘Dienas bizness’ and TOLMETS has held a position of ‘The most rapidly growing company in Kurzeme’ for two years.

From 2010, TOLMETS was listed in TOP 500 companies in Latvia. TOLMETS is the third company in the list that has the largest turnover per one employee, the sixth most profitable company and the twenty third company that has the largest net turnover. The company is one of the biggest tax-payers in Latvia.

Review of year 2011 states a EUR 157,30M turnover, a EUR 3,31M net profit.

Review of year 2012 states a EUR 167,73M turnover, a EUR 1,39M net profit.

Review of year 2013 states a EUR 148,54M turnover, a EUR 2,78M net profit.

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