Development and growth

TOLMETS is a major scrap metal collection and processing enterprise in the Baltic market. TOLMETS always looks for new horizons and is actively expanding its activities through joint work with new partners both in the Baltic States and elsewhere. The management of the company is always open to discuss new cooperation.

The core of the company’s business is mutually beneficial cooperation, strict commitment and optimum problem solving. This gives TOLMETS its reputation of a reliable, solid partner and a potential for further development Proof of this is the increase of purchased and processed ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.

TOLMETS conducts business with companies in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey and some countries of South-East Asia. A flexible pricing policy, innovative business management methods, good technical base, use of advanced technologies is what helps TOLMETS to confidently look ahead into the future and expand the range of partners.

Scrap metal categories