Care for the environment

The company pays great attention not only to its business performance, but also to environmental issues. Scrap metal processing is carried out in strict compliance with environmental standards and allows for more economical use of natural resources. Suppliers of scrap metal can be assured: their services will not only be rewarded well, but will also benefit the environment.

Advanced shredding equipment owned by TOLMETS automatically shreds and separates the scrap metal from impurities. Experts have concluded that scrap metal processing using the TOLMETS shredders meets strict ecological standards. The site of the plant is covered, thus preventing groundwater pollution. Wastewater is collected in special containing wells.

In addition, TOLMETS pays great attention to the recycling of old vehicles and electrical appliances. The company recycles them as well as thoroughly and responsibly as possible. All residues of fuel and lubricants, brake and washer fluids are removed from vehicles and subsequently recycled too. Automotive batteries are shipped for processing to battery manufacturers. Tires, shredded into tiny particles, are used as a component for road surfaces or for manufacturing of insulating materials. Ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts are separated and shipped for re-melting.

Scrap metal categories